Support #11 Clermont Mental Health Levy

Support #11 Clermont Mental Health Levy

Calendar-IconOctober 27, 2015


LEVY Information

Important Levy Facts:

  • This is a .5 mil renewal levy plus a .25 mil increase. It will increase property taxes by a small amount – $8.75 per $100,000 valuation (from $14.79 to $23.54 per $100,000 valuation) – which will provide an additional $1.1 million for services.
  • The levy allows us to continue to support families and individuals with mental health and addiction needs.
  • Without levy funding, there will be a decrease in availability of services, because of significant cuts in state funding over the past five years since our levy renewal in 2010.

Key Messages:

 Funding for the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board and its system of services has been significantly cut by the State of Ohio in recent years; failure of the Mental Health Levy will result in more cuts and further reduction of local services.

  • Mental health and alcohol/drug treatment services were provided to over 3,000 Clermont County residents in SFY2015, with 8,500 benefiting from prevention programs.
  • The levy funding provides a safety net for individuals and families needing mental health and/or alcohol/drug services that do not have Medicaid or insurance. Levy funding also helps to provide services for which Medicaid and insurance do not pay.
  • The cost of treating mental health concerns is significantly lower than the costs to the community when people do not receive needed help. For every $1 invested in treatment, there is a $7 savings in costs to other systems (such as Jail, Courts, Children’s Protective Services, Schools and Employers).
  • Every dollar lost through lack of funding curtails services to Clermont County residents with a mental illness or a drug/alcohol problem.

The Levy Helps Clermont County by funding treatment and prevention services including:

  • Clermont County Crisis Hotline and Mobile Crisis Suicide Prevention Programming
  • Clermont County Crisis Response Team Mental Health First Aid
  • School-based mental health services in all districts Medication Assisted Treatment for persons Youth drug/alcohol prevention and treatment services with a heroin addiction
  • By supporting the Levy, YOU are making a difference for our community and OUR future.
  • Recovery is Beautiful …Help Others Achieve It! Vote FOR Issue #11, the Mental Health Levy

For more information or to volunteer for/contribute to the Levy Campaign, contact the Mental Health and Recovery Board at or 732-5400.