Vote Yes Issue #11 Mental Health Levy

Vote Yes Issue #11 Mental Health Levy

Calendar-IconOctober 30, 2015

Vote Yes on Issue # 11 Clermont County Mental Health

I know all of you are committed to serving children. I know that you are all aware of the critical need for children to have access to mental health services. It isn’t often that we get to stand up and declare through a vote our commitment to support programs that help kids.

The following are what you are voting to support:

-School-based mental health services to all school districts. Prevention, intervention and treatment in the schools.

-Early Childhood Mental Health services to children birth to five years old.

-Clermont County Crisis Response Team which goes into the schools to help after a death of a student or faculty. It is called to help a business that experienced a traumatic event or to serve an entire the community after a natural disaster.

-Clermont County Crisis Hotline and Mobile Crisis receives over 200 crisis calls a month, and mobile crisis has responded to homes at least 30 times a month

-Suicide Prevention Programming

-Mental Health First Aid

-Youth drug/alcohol prevention and treatment services

-Medication Assisted Treatment for persons with a heroin addiction

-and still more


It is a renewal and a .25 mil increase.

Which means $23.54 per $100,000.00 on property tax. So, a $300,000 thousand dollar home’s tax would be $70.62 dollars a year.

Please get behind this effort to inform everyone you know living in Clermont County to come out an support the Mental Health Tax Levy.

Vote YES on Issue #11.