January 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

January 31, 2017

These staff members were nominated for the January Above & Beyond awards.  The winners of the drawing were Maureen, Susan, Shannon, Linda, Jill, Shelly, Linda, and Melody.  Congratulations, everyone! 

Linda Cornwell - Linda graciously volunteered to provide transportation for a Head Start family she shares with a Family Advocate.  The child was scheduled for surgery at Children's Hospital.  The surgery was delayed and the family did not have transportation home.  Linda arrived at Children's Hospital, waited for the child to get out of recovery, then drove the family home.  Her long day ended at 7:30 pm.  Linda went above and beyond her job responsibilities to help one of our families in need.  Thank you!  (Another person also nominated Linda for this act, and added....)  She was willing and ready to help out in any way needed.  Thank you for always being someone your families can count on. 

Laura Iori, Melody Kirby, and Rebecca Lang - The Bethel Head Start staff provided a "field trip" in their classroom for our Grant Early Learning Program.  Grant was able to visit their classroom, have a story time, and enjoy some art activities.  Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for them and allowing them to experience your classroom.  

Nicole Lesniak - I would like to nominate Nicole for all her help with the Giving Tree.  There was a problem with my gifts when I dropped them off (the bikes were a size too small).  Nicole contacted Mt. Moriah and worked with the sponsor to get the bikes exchanged that same day.  It was so helpful to me, and the family was very appreciative and thankful.  I also feel that with this being Nicole's first year helping with the Giving tree it went very smoothly and all went well!  Thanks for all you do Nicole! 

Ginny Mersman - Great attention to detail in organizing the Conscious Discipline Training!!!  Many phone calls, questions, set-up and facilitation were necessary to bring the training to our staff.  Ginny did an excellent job coordinating everything and ensuring Larry was well taken care of - we wish you well, Ginny! 

Maureen Kiley - stepped up just a few days before the Sensory Santa event and volunteered her husband as Santa Claus in order to accommodate the number of children who were registered for the event.  Maureen was a lovely hostess (Ms. Claus) for him and helped children from Santa’s room to the craft room.  Susan Post spent the day helping children and families with crafts, while Shannon Flynn floated and helped where needed.  Linda Hickman provided her tree and decorated it as well (took it down too!).  The rest of the Mt. Orab staff helped by spreading the word and making snowflakes for decorations.  A real team effort benefited the community!” 

Jill Light -  Jill is a therapist for CMH Outreach, and Shelly Baxter, Assistant Director of CMH Outreach were nominated for their incredible hard work on bringing together the Sensory Santa event at the CFI Mt. Orab Office on December 17th, 2016.  Children and their parents, who came on Saturday to the Sensory Santa event, truly appreciated the effort made, as evident by the comments made as they left the building. Every family I talked with said this was the first time they have had the opportunity to take their child's picture with Santa. Everyone walked away on Saturday with a smile and a warmed and blessed heart - including myself and Santa. This was an effort to support children with special needs that touched the hearts of everyone involved.  

Shelly took Jill's beautiful idea of Sensory Santa and gave it life with presents and crafts and the right atmosphere. Shelly had the strong support of staff to make this successful.  As staff at the Mt Orab office, I thought this effort supported children and families in the way that Child Focus wants to be seen - meeting the needs of the children and families in this area, above and beyond.  Thanks to Shelly (and the Mt Orab staff) for all the time and effort put behind this beautiful event!” 

For the months of November and December 2016, the “Hats Off” recognition is given to: 

The CMH Outreach therapists, Maureen Kiley, Susan Post, Shannon Flynn, and the Mt. Orab Office Manager Linda Hickman,who were nominated for their dedicated initiative and invaluable help with the preparation and participation in the Sensory Santa event at the CFI Mt. Orab Office on December 17th, 2016.