October 2017 Staff Above & Beyond

October 31, 2017

Congratulations to staff!

Christine Kiger: Christine is always very helpful to me. She is always laminating things for me … and I usually have a lot to laminate.

Yvonne Wallace: Yvonne dropped her hours to part-time in July. As the agency is searching for a nurse, Yvonne has had to keep up with some of the paperwork responsibilities, such as prior authorizations, at a full-time level. Yvonne has been flexible and willing to come in on some days she was scheduled to be off because we needed coverage.”

Jessica Bowlin: The Clermont CMH nurse partially retired in July and is now part-time. Jessica has been highly efficient, doing both her full-time job and filling in on days when there is no nurse present by covering essential duties to support the prescribers. She has been flexible and dependable to keep the prescribers supported during this time period when there is no nurse present 2 days/week.”

The Hats Off nomination goes to the Out of Home Care Parent Educator, Sharon Boh, who continues to receive exceptional comments from the families she serves: 

“Miss Sharon has been wonderful. With her help, not only do we feel like we have become better parents, but better people. She has become like a family member and new Auntie. She has helped us be more comfortable asking for the help our children deserve as well as how we are good people and gave us our confidence back. She deserves a medal for all the hard work she does and how much she cares. We are grateful she was brought to our life.”

"Sharon has taught me so much. I am a better parent because of this program. She was always positive and encouraging, and because of that, I listened carefully to her parenting suggestions and followed them."

"I would recommend everyone take this class. I was so impressed by the program that I plan to enroll my children in other Child Focus services to help us to continue to heal. Thank you for the amazing program that put my family back together again!”